Kate Schaefer (kate_schaefer) wrote,
Kate Schaefer

Clarion West Write-a-thon sign-up - another reminder

We're done with the early warning phase of Write-a-thon sign-up and have moved on to the timely sign-up phase. As of now, we have 31 people signed up for the 2009 Write-a-thon, enough flavors for an ice cream store. We're hoping for 75 writers this year, an ambitious increase from last year's 58. We're also hoping that most of the rest of you don't wait until the very last minute to sign up. Go ahead! You're planning to write this summer anyway, aren't you? You have some stories you want to work on, a novel to revise, an ending you need to get just right, some editing that's calling your name.

Set your own goals and work at your own pace. Ask people to sponsor you in meeting your goals, or work without sponsors if you prefer. Post your progress in the Write-a-thon forum and get encouragement from other writers throughout the summer. We do want to raise money with the Write-a-thon -- we're pretty much always working on a shoestring -- but the Write-a-thon is about the writing first.

The Write-a-thon runs from June 21 to July 31, just like the workshop. You sign up by sending email to Writeathon@clarionwest.org. There's more info on the Write-a-thon page at http://clarionwest.org/events/writeathon/2009.

Sign up now, in the timely sign-up phase. Don't wait for the last-minute, just-before-it-starts phase. Remember, the volunteers and staff working on the Write-a-thon (Deb Taber, Chris Sumption, Caren Gussoff, Kate Schaefer, Erin Cashier, Andi Shechter, Nisi Shawl) need time to get your web page set up and proofread, and lots of them are doing the Write-a-thon themselves, so give 'em a break and sign up before June 19.

We welcome alumni from Clarion in San Diego or Clarion South as well as Clarion West alumni and friends. If you want to raise money for Clarion, Clarion South, or one of the scholarship funds that send students to the Clarions, we'll cheerfully split the donations we receive on your behalf.

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